How to Apply

Fund to Improve the North End


Purpose: To provide flexible grant funding for organizations and projects that improve the North End community.

Description: Grantees can be organizations, but might also be individuals who simply have a good idea, but no way to fund it. Projects might include anything from helping to send band students to a competition in another state to researching the history of a neighborhood, or, say buying refreshments for volunteers who help pick up trash. Grant proposals should in some way benefit the people or the built or natural environment of the North End. Grant applications will be scored and voted on by the NENA Board based on their anticipated positive impact to our area.

Amount: Up to $500 per applicant, per year.

Eligibility: Any organization or individual with a good idea and the motivation and ability to implement it.

Application: Please write up to two pages (additional pages will be discarded) with the following information:
1. Name: Name, phone number, e-mail and address of contact person.
2. Organization: Name and mission of organization (if applicable).
3. Request: What do you intend to do with the funding?
4. North End Impact: Why/how your request will make the North End a better place.
5. Need: Why do you need the money?
6. Timeline: A quick summary of dates of how your project/idea will be implemented.

Send completed applications to:
NENA Fine Grants
P.O. Box 1235
Boise, Id 83701
Email Board