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Changes for the 2018 Hyde Park Street Fair

2018 Hyde Park Street Fair Application

All applications due June 1

Dear Vendors,

Over the past several years, the cost of operating the fair has increased significantly, especially with Boise Parks and Recreation fees and in required Boise City Police presence. (This included a $15 per day fee for each booth space for “maintenance and repair.”) The North End Neighborhood Association chose to absorb the costs and accept a smaller return rather than increase vendor fees.

This year, the Parks charges will increase again, and coupled with additional costs for other infrastructure expenses, the board has decided to increase application and booth fees. Those increases are as follows:

• Non-refundable APPLICATION fees will increase from $30 to $40.
• Craft booth fees move from $300 to $315 per 1212 booth space.
• Commercial fees increase from $350 to $365 per 1212 booth space.
• Food vendor fees increase from $350 to $365 per 1212 booth space.
• Non-profit booth fees remain the same.

All these changes are noted on the 2018 HPSF application.

The board was encouraged by the level of vendor participation in the use of our new parking and shuttle services last year! We had no complaints from the city and only a few neighbor complaints. We will be using the same nearby parking lots in 2018. We will also have a continuous free shuttle bus running to and from the park. Judging by the increased use each day, many of you discovered that this parking is much easier than trying to find a space in the North End neighborhood. Hopefully, all of you will take advantage of this free service.

We did have one major offender: There was a car and trailer parked in front of a residence on 15th Street for the entire fair. We have to co-exist with the neighborhood, and that comes first for the wellbeing of the Hyde Park Street Fair. If you have a large truck and/or trailer, this year you are required to use the provided parking. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the fair. We believe we have found a solution to the fair’s biggest problem, and that requires your cooperation.

NENA and the production team at Gruntwerks look forward to seeing you at the 39th Annual Hyde Park Street Fair.

Carl Scheider, Event Coordinator
Gruntwerks, LLC

2018 Hyde Park Street Fair Application