Next NENA Board meeting

Our Board meetings occur on the last Tuesday of each month. Our next Board meeting will be held Tuesday, March 31th, 2015, 7pm in the Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship, 1512 N. 12th Street.  A link to the agenda can be found here: NENA_Agenda_March_2015

Ridenbaugh Paramedic Station Renovations

 Dear Neighbors,

 Ada County Paramedics is excited to announce that our 1666 Ridenbaugh St. station will soon be undergoing a renovation. In an effort to preserve the historical beauty of the North End and improve the outdated facility for our paramedics, we will begin renovating the property on November 25th, 2014.

Ada County Paramedics will be at the November 25th Board meeting at 7pm in the Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship, 1512 N. 12th Street.  We hope to see you there. 

Here are all the details:

Q:  Why Are We Renovating?

A:   Paramedic stations provide infrastructure allowing us to position paramedic resources to best serve our community 24 hours a day.  While the Ridenbaugh facility is well located for that purpose, the structure is over 60 years old and in desperate need of an update.  This summer Ada County Paramedics purchased the property from the City of Boise. Now that Ada County Paramedics owns the property, we can begin the much–‐needed renovations that will bring our station up to city code.  The renovations will also eliminate interior asbestos, provide an updated kitchen area for meal preparation and update wiring and electrical to increase safety and reduce costs.  Aesthetically, the building’s exterior will also receive an overhaul to reflect the beauty of the historic North End.  This project will be built to LEEDS standards to provide a high–‐efficiency structure with minimal environmental impact.  You can visit www.usgbc.org to learn more about LEED Certification.

Q:  When Will Demolition Begin?

A:  November 25th, 2014

Q.  What are the Projected Construction Dates?

A: November 25th through May 15th, 2015, with final completion being the end of May 2015.

 Q:  What Can I Expect?

A:  To bring the structure up to date, we will be removing all the existing brick and rebuilding most of the station.  The structure will be entirely fenced for your safety and construction will be limited to Monday-Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Q:  Who Do I Call If Issues Arise?

A: If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please contact Andy Zior, the Ada County Construction Manager.  You can email him at azior@adaweb.net or call 287-7100.

Q:  Is the Station in a Historical District?

A: Yes.  The building is in a historical district and have received project approval from the City of Boise’s Historic Commission.  If you’d like more information about this station’s historical district, you can contact Matt Halitsky with Boise City Planning and Development Services at 208-433-5696.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Ada County Paramedics.  You can reach us in the office Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  208-287-2962.

A picture of what the new station will look like can be seen here:

Ridenbaugh Paramedic Station New Look

Ridenbaugh Paramedic Station New Look










2014 Candle Lantern Parade

Thursday, December 18th at 6:00pm.

The Candle Lantern Parade is a long-standing tradition in the North End and takes place each year in Historic Hyde Park. The event is open to all ages with plans to have something for everyone through the evening, including: story time with Mrs. Clause at Goody’s, candle lantern building at SunRay Cafe, caroling, lantern parade and more!

Check back for a complete event schedule.

Candle Lantern Parade

NENA Candle Lantern Parade 2014

Preserve Your Historic Windows

The City of Boise and The North End Neighborhood Association have created the Historic Windows Brochure to assist residents living in a historic district to know how to maintain, replace, and otherwise care for their windows.

Please click the image below to access a PDF of the Historic Windows Brochure.


NorthEnd Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting

NENA’s Annual Meeting occurs Tuesday, September 30th, 2014, 7pm in the Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship, 1512 N. 12th Street.  Goody’s will be serving ice cream.  Presentations include an update on the NorthEnd Historical Marker project by TAG Historical Research and Consulting.  Your NENA Board hopes to see you there.