Harrison Boulevard decorated for Pride Week

Flags line Harrison Boulevard in honor of Boise Pride Week, June 9-18, 2017.

Flags line Harrison Boulevard in honor of Boise Pride Week, June 9-18, 2017.

The North End Neighborhood Association (NENA) fully supports the current display of Pride flags on Harrison Blvd. during Boise Pride Week (June 9-18, 2017). The NENA board recently approved a proclamation proclaiming the North End to be a welcoming neighborhood where all individuals will be accepted regardless of age, gender, race, nationality or sexual orientation.

In 2001, NENA first initiated the flag project for the light poles on Harrison Blvd. NENA purchased U.S. and state flags and funded the flag mounts for the poles. The funding project came with a license agreement with ACHD allowing the U.S. and state flags to be displayed during certain state and national holidays. Generally, these holidays include Memorial Day and Independence Day. The display of flags on Harrison Blvd. is driven solely by the volunteer efforts of our North End neighbors. If no volunteers are available, the flags are not displayed.

The light poles on Harrison Blvd. are owned by the City of Boise and maintained by Boise City Public Works. ACHD holds the right of way and jurisdiction on what gets placed on the right of way.

The North End Neighborhood Association was enthusiastic about lending its support to the rainbow flag display in celebration of Pride Week and as another symbol of our inclusive neighborhood. We are grateful to Boise’s Pride organizers who contacted NENA, the City of Boise, and ACHD to obtain permission to use the flag mounts and whose volunteers took the time to install all 60 flags. As we know, it’s a huge effort, and the results are beautiful! The American flags will, as usual, fly again on Independence Day.

Marian Pritchett / Booth Home site update

The North End Neighborhood Association has been working with neighbors and the city to ensure that the redevelopment of the Pritchett/Booth Home site on 24th Street will be in the best interest of the neighborhood.

NENA conducted a survey and sent this report to the City of Boise in April 2017:

NENA Letter re Pritchett

Neighborhood grants


Did you know that the mission of Hyde Park Street Fair is to support improvements in our neighborhood?

The neighborhood association distributes our profits directly to the neighborhood through FINE Grants. FINE stands for Funds to Improve the North End.

NENA provides annual $1,000 grants to each of the public schools in our boundaries.

We also offer $500 grants to any neighbor or organization who has a great idea and needs a little money to get it going. Do you have a project to enhance the North End? If so, a FINE Grant might be for you! Check out how to apply by clicking “FINE Grants” on the menu above, or go to: http://www.northendboise.org/fine-grants

NEW… The NENA Board will now review grant applications just four times per year, at our meetings on the last Tuesdays of July, October, January, and April. Our next review will be in July, so be sure to get your applications to us by July 24, 2017!

40th Anniversary Celebration!!

You’re invited!
NENA 40th Invitation

March 28 Board meeting

Join us for another full meeting of the North End Neighborhood Association!

2017 March Agenda NENA

ACHD Commissioner Paul Woods will answer questions about traffic safety and speed throughout the North End. Additional topics include:

-Update about status of The Grapevine club
-A neighbor’s petition to preserve Lowell Pool
-Applications for grants from North Junior High, 16th Street Neighborhood Watch, and Boise At Home
-NENA’s position on Dry Creek Ranch
-Hyde Park Street Fair planning update
-NENA’s 40th Anniversary party (April 8 – please come!)

And plenty more…

Everyone is welcome to attend, watch the meeting, and be involved in the discussion if you like.

7 p.m. Tuesday, March 28
1520 N. 12th St. – Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship building
Email us with questions: board@northendboise.org