Board of Directors


Vice President, Acting President, Website:  Sarah Foregger (even)

​Treasurer:  TBD

Secretary:  Daniel Foregger (even)

Carlos Coto (even),  NENA Aid Committee Chair

Sitka Koloski (even)

Tory Spengler (even), Block 75, Newsletter

There are currently several open odd-year seats vacated by resignation.  

Board members serve two-year terms.  According to bylaws, board elections are held every year at the annual meeting in September.  NENA members vote on six board seats in even years and five board seats in odd years.  Anyone who works or lives in the North End can vote at these elections.


Per the bylaws, any mid-term vacancies on the Board of Directors are filled by a vote of the Board and the new board member serves out the unexpired term of that seat.

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