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The North End Neighborhood Association (NENA) is a non-profit organization serving Boise’s Historic North End since 1976. The North End is one of Boise's oldest residential and mixed-use neighborhoods, nestled conveniently between the downtown core and Boise's beautiful foothills. NENA is Boise's first registered neighborhood association and is volunteer-run. NENA represents, preserves, and protects the historic, social, cultural, and environmental character of Boise’s North End neighborhood. Proud owner & organizer of Boise's iconic annual community craft fair & music fest, Hyde Park Street Fair. 


Anyone over the age of 18 who lives, works, owns a business, or owns property in the North End Neighborhood is eligible to become a member of NENA. For a map of North End neighborhood boundaries, click here

So what is a Neighborhood Association, anyway? Per the City of Boise, "Neighborhood planning is a collaboration between the city and neighborhood associations to guide the future of Boise's neighborhoods. Boise currently has 35 established neighborhood associations. The goal for these associations is to work with their communities to create vibrant and thriving neighborhoods that increase livability for their residents. NAs are a volunteer group that focuses on general advocacy and community events, and acts as a voice between residents and the City."


It is important to note that a neighborhood association is not the same thing as a homeowner's association (HOA). For more information on how NENA differs from an HOA, click here to visit the City of Boise's website. It is also important to note that NENA, like all other NAs in Boise, has no enforcement powers and is does not hold power as a decision maker regarding developments occurring within neighborhood boundaries. NENA can offer testimony at City hearings (Planning & Zoning, Historic Preservation, and City Council, etc.) - like any resident can do - but cannot approve or deny development applications. 

Board of Directors

Serving on the Board is a volunteer position, and requires a substantial commitment. In addition to regular monthly meetings, Directors are in frequent touch via email and participate in or attend meetings, votes, events, and fundraisers regularly. 

Erik Hagen (o), President

  • Erik is a professional Architect and North End homeowner who serves as NENA's President and P&Z Chair. Erik is currently serving his second term as President of NENA.

Ryndy Williams (e), Vice President

  • Ryndy is a North End native and retired Legislative Aide, Educator, Artist, Mental Health Support Services professional. As a renter, Ryndy represents the North End's large renter population.


Autumn Street (e), Secretary

  • Autumn is a Boise Native and Boise High graduate, as well as a long-time North End homeowner and NENA volunteer. She serves as Communications Director, HPSF Co-Chair, and as NENA's resident IT specialist, photographer, and journalist.

Louis Comstock (e), - Treasurer

  • Louis is a Paramedic and Taco Specialist at Hyde Park flagship eatery Parrilla. He proudly hangs our beautiful Idaho state and US flags on Harrison Boulevard for each patriotic holiday as well as volunteers at NENA's many events. As a renter, Louis represents the North End's large renter population. 

Brittni Kemp (e)

  • Brittni is a marketing professional and recent MBA graduate who assists with NENA's grant applications and represents ADU-dwellers and renters.

Don Plum (e)

  • Don is a long time North End resident and homeowner who previously served at NENA's president. He is currently an Educator and Youth Volleyball Coach. 

Scott Graves (o)

  • Scott is a former resident of the North End and a long time Hyde Park business owner. Scott will operate as NENA's official Hyde Park commercial liaison, a role that is both new and very much needed to keep the heart of the North End beating strong and communications open.

Sandy Herman (e)

  • Sandy is a long-time North End homeowner and dedicated NENA volunteer, serving on the Historic Preservation Committee and as lead organizer of the Annual Garden Tour fundraiser in 2024. 

Cynthia Gibson (e)

  • Cynthia is a long-time North End resident who serves as chair of NENA's Streets Committee, which works to promote safety for all who use our neighborhood streets.

OPEN (e)

Board members serve two-year terms. Board elections are held each year at the annual meeting. NENA members vote on six board seats in even years and five board seats in odd years (indicated e/o above).  Mid-term vacancies on the Board of Directors are filled by appointment and appointees serve for the remaining term. Interested in getting involved? Click the Email Us button below!

Neighborhood Data



Anyone who lives, works, or owns a business/property within North End Neighborhood Association boundaries is eligible to become a member. Membership is free and without obligation. Membership is required to vote at annual board elections, but  is not required to attend public meetings or volunteer. 

If you would like to become a member and/or receive important neighborhood updates from NENA, please submit your information, below.

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