Living in a Registered Historic District is charming and magical - but also comes with responsibility. The North End Historic District, like all registered historic districts in Boise, has some requirements not typical of non-historic neighborhoods.


Certain changes to homes or properties in a Historic District require approval. Before starting a project of any kind, be sure you know if a permit or Certificate of Appropriateness is required - without approval, homeowners may be charged with a misdemeanor and/or assessed fines. Examples of changes that require a Certificate of Appropriateness include removal of trees, installation of a non-wood fence, window replacement, construction of an addition, porch, or deck, and demolition, among others. We encourage all North End residents to be familiar with City of Boise's requirements for living in a historic district. Click HERE to learn more! 

Click HERE to view a spreadsheet documenting the Historic Preservation Committee's decisions, agendas, minutes, and more.

The North End is a Registered Historic District as designated by the City of Boise. 

Learn more about what that means before making changes to your home. 

When do you need CofA from the City? 

This handout covers a few common situations.

Helpful Resources

HPC Meeting Agenda    https://www.cityofboise.org/virtual-meetings        

  • Historic Preservation Commission meetings are the last Monday of each month at 6pm. The Commission sometimes holds a pre-meeting work session at 5:30pm, immediately prior to the meeting.       

  • To view individual items on the agenda, open the agenda then click the HPC packet link to view plans and read staff reports. These are typically available about a week before the meeting.            

If you live in a historic district and are considering making changes to your home beyond basic repair, you likely need a Certificate of Appropriateness.

Want to check the progress of various projects in the North End, and beyond? Click here to view the City of Boise's Community Development Tracker map.