Hyde Park Street Fair 2021 is Cancelled

There are still some remaining vendor spaces available for the 2021 Hyde Park Street Fair!  (Food applications are no longer available.)
If space remains, we will send you an application.
Please email: hpsfvendors@gmail.com to check on availability.


    The Hyde Park Street Fair has operated for over 40 years due to our wonderful volunteers and the cooperation and support of our neighbors.  For the health and safety of everyone, the 2020 fair was cancelled.  We had been greatly anticipating the return of the fair in 2021, however, we feel that given the rapidly increasing spread of Covid-19 in Boise, it is not possible to hold the Hyde Park Street Fair in 2021.

We do not feel it is within the values of the NENA organization to proceed with an event that could jeopardize the safety of the vendors, attendees, performers, or volunteers.  As a community, we value our healthcare workers and we want to respect them by not contributing to the burdens they currently labor under while they care for Boiseans during this difficult time.  As neighbors, we want to ensure that our event does not contribute to the reduction in hospital beds.

We have explored the few options available for a safe and secure operation of the fair, including mandated masking.  Unfortunately, none of the options to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and hold a safe event were physically or financially within the fair’s ability.

     NENA has closely watched the progress of the Covid-19 variant in Boise and the trends are going the wrong way.  We have over 130 vendors who will need to change their plans and we want to give them as much time as possible to do so. Their safety is our concern.  Even with enhanced cleaning and protective measures, we worry about our musicians and performers on the fair’s two stages.  Most of all, we care about the kids who attend our fair, especially those too young for vaccination. 

For these reasons and for the safety of the guests who join us each year, the 2021 Hyde Park Street Fair scheduled for September 17-19 is hereby cancelled.

For the safety of our community, we urge you to wear masks, wash your hands, distance yourself, and be safe.  We hope to see you next year.

NENA Board