IRS Form 990s

As a non-profit, NENA is required to complete a yearly IRS Form 990.   These 990s are required to be made available to the public.  We're posting them here, so they are archived and available to all who are interested. 

Clicking the year will download the corresponding 990 document.


For more information about this filing requirement, you can review this page from the National Council for Non-Profits.

Treasurer's Reports

The Treasurer's Reports recovered from the previous board are posted below.  The current board is seeking treasurer and financial reports from 2019 and 2020; they will be posted when they are available to us. 

July 2020

Financial Reports
Transaction Record
2020 Legal Fees
2021 Legal Fees

April 2021 Legal Fees  (redaction due to litigation threat)

May 2021 Legal Fees (redacted due to litigation threat)

P & L Detail Sheet
Balance Sheet