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NENA Fall Update - Board Elections Coming Up!

And like that <snap!> it's Fall

A huge shout out to Gruntwerks and the NENA Board for putting on another awesome Hyde Park Street Fair! Thank you to all of you who attended. This annual event is how NENA funds operations and donations for the North End Neighborhood. As a volunteer organization, all funds go back into neighborhood activities and organizations, and to support NENA’s basic operating finances for insurance, bookkeeping, etc.

Now that we’re past Hyde Park Street Fair and we have NENA Board Elections coming up on October 24th, it's well past time for another NENA update email.

Board positions are split into 5 odd to 6 even years. This year there are 5 odd-year board seats up for grabs (see short bios of current board directors below). We also have an even year seat vacancy to fill. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining this dynamic and active board, please submit a nomination and/or intent to run by the end of the day on October 21st in order to be included on the ballot. Along with a candidate bio for posting on the website and other communications. The election will be on Tuesday, October 24th starting at 7 pm at the Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship (1520 N 12th St). Show up early at 6:30 pm for some free scoops of ice cream from the wonderful people at Goody’s! Please note that this is a change from the usual last Tuesday of the month schedule meeting because, well, you can’t compete with Halloween in the North End.

The City of Boise was legally required to draw jurisdictional districts this past year resulting in a change of districts and representative City Councilors. This coming November 7th, all City Council seats will be voted on. The North End Neighborhood has two City Council seats (District 5, East side of the North End currently held by Meredith Stead and District 6, West side of the North End currently held by Jimmy Hallyburton). The district line is roughly drawn from 8th, to Heron, to Camel’s Back Park, to 13th, Lemp and then down 15th all the way to State.

NENA will be co-hosting a candidate forum with the League of Women Voters at Whittier Elementary on October 12th from 7 pm – 9 pm. Jimmy Hallyburton is uncontested for District 6. But District 5 will have JeremyGugino running against Meredith Stead who was appointed by Mayor McLean earlier this year when Holli Woodings stepped down to move to DC. If you have any questions you want answered, please attend, or let us know what they are and we will try and get them answered.

Holiday Home Tour


NENA is searching for homes interested in being featured for our annual Holiday Home Tour coming up in December. We’ll also need volunteers and organizers. If you’re interested, please email

The printed and hand-delivered Newsletter will be coming back this February. If you want to advertise in the Newsletter or have articles or topics you want to have covered, please let us know (

What and Who is the North End Neighborhood Association?

NENA is a 501(c)4 non-profit community and volunteer-based organization working towards the betterment of the North End Neighborhood. As a 501(c)4 NENA can lobby and provide input to the City regarding North End building and development issues. However, this makes donations to NENA non tax deductible, and income such as from the Hyde Park Street Fair has taxes that need to be paid.

Find out more about what we do. If you would like to meet, learn and discuss more on items of interest and concern regarding this wonderful neighborhood you live in, please join us at our next monthly meeting this coming Tuesday, September 26th at 7 pm at the Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship.

The North End Neighborhood Association (NENA) has a Board of Directors that hold two-year seats rotating odd (o) and even (e) years:

Erik Hagen (o), President, Architect, Planning & Zoning Chair, Homeowner

Drew Alexander (o), VP, Planner, Assoc. VP BSU Campus Ops, NE Homeowner

Amy Allgeyer (o), Treasurer, HPSF Co-Chair, Architect, Homeowner

Lex Roitman (o), Transportation Summit Chair, Planner, Renter

Spence McNamara (o), Newsletter, BSU Student and Boise Co-Op & Lost Grove employee, Renter.

Ryndy Williams (e), Secretary, Retired Legislative Aide, Educator, Artist, Mental Health Support Services, North End native, current Renter.

Autumn Street (e), Communications Director, HPSF Co-Chair, IT & Journalist, forever North End Homeowner.

Don Plum (e), former NENA President, Educator, Volleyball Coach, Homeowner.

Louis Comstock (e), Flags & Events, Paramedic in Training and Taco Specialist, Apartment Renter

Brittni Kemp (e), Grants, Marketing Professional, ADU Renter


North Ender Even Year


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