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The Votes Are In! 2023 Annual Meeting & Board Election

With more than 50 neighbors in attendance and 33 verified voters, Erik Hagen and Lex Roitman were re-elected to new two-year director terms. We said goodbye (and a million thank-yous!) to outgoing directors Amy Allgeyer, Drew Alexander, and Spence McNamara, who chose not to run for re-election this year.

The evening's agenda also included an overall recap of a very successful 2023, including our highest-ever income from this year's Hyde Park Street Fair - providing NENA with approximately $50,000 in funds raised that will be used to directly benefit the North End Neighborhood, North End residents, and our beautiful city via annual school grants for our five neighborhood public schools, funding of partnerships with groups such as the Treasure Valley Canopy Network which works tirelessly to preserve Boise's invaluable tree canopy, and donations to local social welfare groups such as Jesse Tree, Faces of Hope, the Idaho Food Bank, and more. NENA also offers two types of grants that are available to North End residents by application: FINE (Funds to Improve the North End) Grants and NIP (Neighborhood Improvement Project) Grants. NENA also sponsors regular free community building events such as the annual Children's Candle Lantern Parade and Chalk & Chat night.

Also in attendance were City Council candidates for districts 5 & 6 which encompass the North End. Thank you to Jimmy Hallyburton, Meredith Stead, and Jeremy Gugino for attending, helping us get to know you, and for your efforts to lead Boise into a safe, sustainable, and prosperous future for all residents in the North End and elsewhere.

What's next? November's monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, 11/28, and new officers will be elected by the current board. Positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Upcoming events include the Annual Holiday Home Tour and Children's Candle Lantern Parade, both in early to mid-December with dates TBD.


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