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SURVEY: Is the City's Energize Our Neighborhoods Program Meeting North End Needs?

The City of Boise is seeking input on how the city can best support, partner with, and invest in neighborhoods. A citywide survey is open July 25th - August 12th to solicit feedback on community priorities and help shape how the city serves residents at a neighborhood-level.

Originally formed in 1994, Energize Our Neighborhoods is a city-run program that partners with 35 established neighborhood associations, including our own North End Neighborhood Association, to provide support and training to neighborhood leaders, cultivate individual neighborhood identity, and invest money in neighborhood-led projects. The city is in the process of evaluating the program to ensure that it is serving all residents and neighborhoods in an equitable and impactful way.

For more information about the City of Boise’s Energize Our Neighborhoods program or to get involved in your neighborhood, please visit:


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