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Warm Up to Geothermal Heat

Did you know?

Deep down below the earth's surface runs a natural resource that the City of Boise has been utilizing for more than a century. A stream of geothermally heated water flows under the city's neighborhoods, streets, and well-known landmarks. From heating buildings to sidewalk snowmelt and warming recreational pools, the City of Boise's geothermal heating utility is innovative, renewable, and sustainable. A truly closed-loop process, geothermal requires minimal electricity to power the system's pump, keeping the environmental impact of this resource lower than any other heating option.

Now, the City is considering expanding this utility, and one of the areas under early consideration is the North End due to proximity to existing infrastructure.

Submit your thoughts via a quick NENA survey, results of which will be shared to City geothermal planners as well as with NENA membership at a future monthly meeting.


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